Clique Studios (Chicago)


CLIQUE STUDIOS’ motto has been to build and build something groundbreaking. They started as a web design company but soon innovated and proceeded into other fields of electronic designing. Today, they are at the forefront of project management, web designing, software development and marketing with maintenance.

The Chicago-based company has believed in introducing something new for their clients. They have never confined themselves to a strict portfolio. Instead, have regularly moved along the lines of technology and gladly took everything under their umbrella. After years of experimenting and succeeding, CLIQUE STUDIOS has smartly become one of the top tech companies in Illinois and would continue to leapfrog others in the coming years.

The project management offering is all about the journey of a certain project which is initiated by CLIQUE STUDIOS on behalf of their client. Right from the birth of the idea, the company understands the objectives and needs of their client and begin their work. They would then drive an online strategy and pinpoint the success factors for its running and success. By reaching every one of those milestones, CLIQUE STUDIOS would sign off on the project in style. The experience and technical knowledge of the company would help the client in achieving everything rapidly and smoothly.

Designing has always been the core specialty of CLIQUE STUDIOS and they have therefore frequently upgraded it. With every passing year, they have adopted new and latest techniques to develop the very best web designs for corporate and individual websites. The websites are compatible with every mobile operating system and are also highly responsive and elegant in looks. Every aspect of the design gives the ultimate User Experience (UX). Their third service is relating to the engineering of software. CLIQUE STUDIOS calculate the software needs of corporation very intelligently. The ability of e-commerce is very strong these days and the need for an equally competent software.

The last service offered by CLIQUE STUDIOS is related to search engine optimization (SEO), website and social media page maintenance, pay per click tools, photography and making of videos.

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