Tech companies are continuously striving to achieve the high ambitions of their clients. With such stiff competition, it has ever so important that tech companies only give the very best to their clients. Something that would set them apart and ahead of the rest of the pack. CHICAGO DIGITAL is at the forefront of doing exactly that for its vast range of client base.

Established in 2009, CHICAGO DIGITAL has gradually climbed the ladder in the world of technology and successfully executed several projects during their pathway to the helm of tech companies in Chicago. CHICAGO DIGITAL provides the usual services such as website development, online marketing, and branding. But, among all this, they provide a service known as a business catalyst.

The web development includes the developing and maintenance of websites. The exclusive designs along with smart and leading edge responsiveness make CHICAGO DIGITAL build websites as one of the most impressive. The websites can be perfectly viewed from every device including laptop, tablet, and mobile phones. The company uses a 9 fold website designing process which makes it stand out in the online world. The process begins with discovery which involves the gathering of complete information about the company. The second process is branding where the branding position of the companies and its product or/and services is developed. This is followed by laying out of design, the actual development of the website with business catalyst platform and filling of content. The latter is all about the finding the most appropriate and precise content which help in enhancement of the website. The content should be in line with its SEO requirements and it could be anything ranging from words to pictures to videos.

The sixth process is quality assurance which is done to find any technical errors in the website or its design. The seventh is training which informs the user about the usage of the website. It is followed by support which include customer support regarding any queries that they may have. The last is marketing which is about the promotion of the website.

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