How SEO works in 2017? Most important factor.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fast moving and rapidly changing environment. The techniques that were number one as early as last year may have become completely obsolete in this. The reason is that new and improved tools are being introduced to enable companies and individuals into promoting their website to a new level. And some of these tools automatically take over the old ones, making the hits from last year, useless for the current year.

This article would highlight the top 3 SEO techniques and tactics that are working wonders in 2017.

  • Website Speed

Improving the speed of the website is a vital aspect of website ranking. Regardless of the product or/and service being sold on the website, its ability to load content quickly can be the key to its success in terms of its ranking. Humans have become incredibly impatient and therefore demand instant answers. Google has found that if a page does not load within 3 seconds, the visitor is most likely to abandon their quest and would divert elsewhere. In order to gauge the speed and responsiveness of a web page, Google has introduced various tools such as PageSpeed, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and Think with Google.

  • Attract and Stay Longer

The tactic that has and still works amazingly for any website is the attractiveness of its content. If a web page can keep the user engaged on for long, Google would give it a higher ranking. In other words, the higher the bounce rate (people leaving the website and going to another) the lower the ranking and vice versa.

  • YouTube Existence

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Every month over 3 million searches are made on it which shows the strength of the video search engine. Therefore, having a solid existence on YouTube or having YouTube video content on the website can attract more viewers which in turn would mean a better and higher ranking.

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