Do you know the Importance of Core terms

Do you know the Importance of Core terms

Everybody has a different wavelength to think about. Some of the people think differently as they target a different kind of keywords. You should also know the thinking out of the box is the only solution today. May the idea is weird, but it should be different. If you check the trend today, then you will find some of the people focus on competitor’s keywords while others look for the search volumes.

But the interesting part does the audience only search for good keywords, what about the bad ones. Do you think it will give you an edge if you focus on bad keywords? Maybe, but we need to swirl about the concept in depth.

The importance of core Terms:

There are many tools in the market that are easily available to generate the said keywords for you. But it depends on what you want. If you get the keyword, the whole concept goes bad and you will end up regretting later. The core term or keywords that you are looking for optimization should always be correct. It should not be like that you are going in the wrong direction.

Before you look for subsidiary keywords do make your foundation keywords correct. And research on them about the variation that you can bring through them. The core terms should be your strength as they affect the mind of the user on a primary basis so that he gets drafted on your side.

The core term if you go a bit deeper then it is nothing than the core topic of your page. And you can easily research on various synonyms of the same. For example, you must know the deep meaning of transparent cards and the clear cards re same. If your user is searching something that is similar to your page then you should look forward to optimizing these keywords as well with the core ones. This will help you in laying the foundation for future purposes.

How you should look for core terms:

Before you land on the keyword research tool. Sit with your team and have a brainstorming session on the category of products that you are selling. If you are in Laptops, then you can make each page of a website as a core topic. For example, it can be “Laptop”, “Sony Laptops” and Sony I7 Laptops too.

For references, you can also see what your competitors are doing for driving the traffic to their websites. And we are sure that you will get good clues from there as well. You can check their navigation pages for the better understanding of the concept and also you will get the idea for the core terms that your competitors are considering.

You can check the world checker and the Goggles Keyword Tool to generate the keywords for your core terms.  These tools are great at finding the similar keywords as you want and can result in ten to thousands of them. Each of the researched core terms should be handled on the single web page only with phrases in the sidebars. This will help your users to land directly on the website page which they were searching. So make the marketing as direct as possible and primarily stress on core terms.

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